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Our tutors who have worked on many film productions ( BBC, Channel 4, Netflix and more ) will come along to your establishment to put on either a short two hour session or a full day session. Both sessions include video making fun as the children learn how to use camera skills, lighting, sound and directing. There is something for every child, whether they prefer being the stars in front of the camera or they prefer being the technology wizards behind the scenes. Will will ensure every child has a part to play as they create something magical.


A look into video creation!

- Basics of Video Making

- Camera basics

- Editing basics

- End the day with a short video




Learn the whole video making process!

- Start by writing video ideas

- Logo design for a channel or movie

- Learn all the video making roles

- In-depth camera techniques

- Use of sound in film

- Directing skills

- Use a video editor

- End the day with lots of videos



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Limited Spaces for September - December

Or January onward!

  • Get ColourVision to provide a full day workshop in your establishment!

    200 British pounds
  • Get ColourVision to provide a smaller workshop in your establishment!

    100 British pounds

ColourVision Studios. was created on the idea of getting children to use their imagination to create wonderful things. We do this through our Film-Club, where we let children express themselves through the world of Film & Video.

As Film-Club grows and grows, we want to be the best creative community out there. Our fans/consumers are not only here to just purchase what we offer... they are also our family.

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