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Greetings all! - Please be sure to check out some useful video making tips below.

#1 Buying the right camera

Most children in our clubs will ask us... "What camera shall I buy?" and "Is it going to be expensive". Truth be told, if you're reading this off a smart phone then use that!

Using most modern day phones to create a story line is easily doable to start with. Make sure the children film from loads of different angles that they've learnt whilst attending our clubs.

Once you've had a go at doing the above. You can send your videos into a free editing software (Windows Movie Maker, IMovie or look up some others).

Looking to BUY A NEW CAMERA?

Then we suggest looking into a camcorder to begin with. You can get a starting camcorder for about £100. We do

suggest using whatever is available to you first before investing. Make sure the children really enjoy camerawork before buying anything.

Have a great Monday! :)

- Ryan

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