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For Children interested in YouTube, Netflix, TikTok and Film!

We are all over England (2021)

Call us on 0330 133 3469 to find a workshop near you

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Become a video star by attending one of our workshops! The children will learn camera skills, editing techniques and how videos are made in our fun and exciting workshops. (2 Hour Workshops).


Children Reading the Holy Bible

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How Does This Work?

Step 1: Sign-up

Get your child/children a ticket by looking for the closest workshop near you. You will be asked a few questions about your child/children to ensure we can get the correct support in. Everyone is included at ColourVision.

Step 2: Attend the Workshop

Show your ticket at the door of the event. Let your children enjoy the workshop as they learn how to use cameras, edit videos, work in teams to create their own channel/mini movie. They will feel like video stars!

Step 3: (Optional) Have your own RED CARPET EVENT

If you loved the workshop, we will take your video back and add some extra edits. THEN, you and your family can watch their creations on the big screen. We also give our own "Oscar" style rewards. It truly is a magical evening.

Call - 03301 333 3469 to find a workshop near you

Located Somewhere Else?

Don't Panic! We are booking workshops near you soon!

As we expand and branch out, our aim is to have Workshops all around the UK and even beyond!

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We also have ColourVision Online! An amazing platform with multiple monthly memberships allowing your child to grow as a creative in their own time. Why not take a look for yourself?

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ColourVision Studios. was created on the idea of getting children to use their imagination to create wonderful things. We do this through our Film-Club, where we let children express themselves through the world of Film & Video.

As Film-Club grows and grows, we want to be the best creative community out there. Our fans/consumers are not only here to just purchase what we offer... they are also our family.

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